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The woman, whose obscene images were recorded in the disgusting incident, found the solution to go to the police when she could not get rid of the person she wanted to leave because of blackmail. The 30-year-old Z.D. The young woman named Ö.G., 42 years old, whom she met through social media. became dear to the person named. While their relationship continues, Ö.G. The man named the young woman recorded their sexual intimacy with the young woman.

After a while, the suspect man, Z.D. began to threaten the young woman named with the footage he recorded. The man who blackmailed Z.D. with the footage he took on the video, forcing the young woman to have sexual intercourse with him, “If you don’t do what I want, I will show these images to your family.” He threatened the form.

According to the children of the inner hose dilendirip gang who tortured yüzütürki

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​​Sabah, the young woman after the incident, found the resort to go to the police. The Istanbul Anatolian Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office prepared an indictment within the scope of the investigation initiated after the young woman complained about her ex-boyfriend. “ I will send these images to your neighbor, I will have disaster from now on, I will ruin your life on the happiest day, I will tell your family that you have had children, that you work in a brothel, I prepared a magnificent clip for your family . ‘ It was reported that he wrote words in the form of.

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