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1. 104 years after his death, they learned that their grandfather, who they thought was martyred in World War II, settled in Anamur, got married and bought land from there.

İbrahim Akar, who lives in the Geriçam District of Beyağaç district of Denizli. The children of İsmail Akar, who died with their children Hüseyin, Nasuh and Ramazan Akar, Samim Gonca, Ayşe Solcun, received a notification from the 6th Regional Directorate of the State Hydraulic Works (DSI) regarding the expropriation decision for their 4 decare lands in Anamur district of Mersin last year.

Heart-burning news from Gaziantep! Enter the house near shock oldutürki to

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Anamur in the family who does not know that it lands, the results of research they make through his lawyer land 1. World War, the Palestinian Front in the war He learned that his grandfather, Hüseyin Akar, who joined and thought that he was martyred because he never returned. After confirming the information from their directorate, he filed a lawsuit at the Anamur Magistrate Court.

As a result of the lawsuit, it was decided that İbrahim Akar was the inheritor of Hüseyin Akar. truth learned yıkıldıtürki to

“We did not believe before,”

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Heirs of the 75-year-old Nasuhi Akar, said in a statement to reporters, said the thought was martyred grandfather until last year, said: “last year, Northern Ki They are investigating the owners of the places where lines will be laid to Brıs. Notification came to us from there. We didn’t believe it first. We gave it to the lawyer. That’s where it came from. Of course, we do not know our grandfather. Now this place is out. We learned that we have grandparents. After the war, he married in Anamur, found a place there, did not come here. May God bless him, let heaven be the place where he lies. He left us such a legacy. If Allah permits, we will go find the grave and visit it. “

Akar noted that the area of ​​4 thousand 800 square meters with banana greenhouses is worth approximately 4 million liras.

The lawyer of the family, Savaş Honluk, also Stating that they cannot determine who is still using the land, he said, “We filed a lawsuit for the removal of the partnership because more than one person has a share on the real estate. We will take the part of us financially. “
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