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In Şanlıurfa’s Siverek district, the search for 2 people who disappeared in the water as a result of their boat capsized continues in the pond where they opened for fishing.

Jiyan Kendiş (19) and his relative Mahmut Kendiş (25) who live in Şanlıurfa Siverek ) and Ahmet Mendeş (22) went fishing in the irrigation pond in Soydan District yesterday evening.

3 The boat with his friends capsized after a while due to the wind. While Mahmut Kendiş, one of the young people on the boat, swam out of the water, Jiyan Kendiş and Ahmet Mendeş disappeared.

Upon notice, the underwater search and rescue teams, who came to the scene, started a search and rescue operation to find the two young people.

Dere flying bleeding from the nose of the car çıktıtürki

​​Yesterday the weather interrupted search efforts resumed this morning due to the blackout. Divers from Adıyaman and Diyarbakır police and gendarmerie teams could not reach the youth until now.

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Relatives of Jiyan Kendiş and Ahmet Mendeş, who were following the works on the pond shore, were Siverek District Governor Hasan Olgun and Mayor of Siverek. Ayşe Çakmak was comforted.

Siverek Mayor Ayşe Çakmak stated that they have mobilized to find the young people and said, “Our pain is great, our hearts are burning and we use all the means of our state to find the young people. Our hope is to reach our youth as soon as possible.

Painful families are waiting and we are here with our teams ”.

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