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In the last match of UEFA Champions League Group H, Istanbul Başakşehir lost 5-1 to France’s Paris Saint-Germain on the road.

After the game, Başakşehir coach Okan Buruk evaluated the fight at the press conference.


Explaining the racist attack that his assistant Webo experienced last night, Okan Buruk said, “My assistant Webo used a word when he was thrown out of the field. Both I and Webo reacted to this word. However, the person who had to react here had to be the referee. The referee should have warned the 4th referee himself and ended this crisis. Then we went to the locker room with the decision made by the two teams after hearing the word processing of the games. The reaction of Webo, Ba, Mbappe, Neymar showed that the players of the two teams are sensitive to both themselves and people around the world. Both teams did not want to play the match with the 4th referee. Then came the news that the 4th referee would not continue. Our players did not want to continue with the decisions they made. He spoke with our footballers as both president and technical delegation. We would either play together or not all together. After a few of our friends did not want to play, it was a decision we made as the team we support. UEFA’s immediate solution was of high quality. It is also necessary to give the share of the decision taken by UEFA. We spent a night that we did not want to live on football fields ” used expressions.

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Stating that there are many people from different nationalities in his team, Okan Buruk said, “While Webo should have been the person who should have been the least disturbed by what happened yesterday, who should not be held responsible for this incident, he was very sad at the hotel yesterday. We talked to him and supported him. It was other people to be saddened with. There are many people of different nationalities in my team. Everyone’s first belief is to be human. It is very valuable to be a good person. You are valuable when you are a human, regardless of its color, race or country of origin. We know both how good a person Webo is and how successful he is. We are proud to be with him, too. We will always be with him. On the other hand, Demba Ba had many words to say. I found what he said very valuable. I hope to see the years when people were not nicknamed ”.


He was reminded by the Gaziantep FK Technical Director Marius Sumudica’s statement that the referee who made the racist attack should not put me on the same level, and he was reminded of Okan Buruk, “Sumudica is someone we talk to on the phone all the time. He is aggressive in matches, but he is a person who tries to do his job well. I played with many Romanian footballers during my footballing season. Romanian people are close to us, we love them. There is nothing very different between them and us in this sense. Sumudica teacher in this regard, Turkey lovers, who value one. It needs to be seen as an individual error. One of many different nations could do this. It is a mistake made individually ” used the expressions.

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