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The incident occurred in the district of Manavgat. At around 13.40 on 12 March, the 16-year-old girl got into the city minibus used by Mehmet İnce, who works on the Manavgat-Çeltikçi line, to go to their home in Çeltikçi District from the stop in front of PTT on Antalya Street. When the minibus came to Imam Hatip High School stop, 77-year-old O.N.G. got on the minibus and sat next to the girl in the back seat.

After a short while, when his friend, who was sitting next to the bus driver, said that he saw on the camera of the van that the old man was disturbing the girl, the driver started watching the camera. When the old man tried to hold the girl’s hand and then touched the girl’s leg, he stopped the minibus in Yenimahalle area and took the old man out of the minibus.


The minibus driver shared this situation first with the administration of the inner city minibus cooperative and then with the gendarmerie. The teams of the District Gendarmerie Command Central Station, who took action, first reached O.N.G., who allegedly harassed the girl and her family, and then the girl. Upon the complaint of the young girl and her family, O.N.G. He was detained at his home in Çeltikçi District last night. O.N.G., who spent the night in the central police station. He was sent to the courthouse after his actions in the gendarmerie. O.N.G. He was released on condition of judicial control after his statement at the public prosecutor’s office.


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Talking about the incident, Mehmet İnce, the minibus driver, stated that he was working on the Kavaklı Çeltikçi line on Friday, March 12, and said:

At the PTT stop, a girl got on the van and sat in the back seat. At Imam Hatip Stop, an old man got on with a bag of bread in his hand and paid the fee, and then sat next to the girl in the back seat.

At that moment, a friend of mine I knew was sitting in the seat next to me. After a short while, when my friend told me that the old man was disturbing the girl, I started to follow the camera in front of me showing the people who got on the non-recording vehicle and the inside.

The old man wanted to put his hand on the girl’s hand first. The girl lost her hand. After a while, on the pretext of asking something from the notebook in his hand, he began to touch the girl’s legs. The girl could not do anything out of fear.

When there was no reaction from the passengers inside, I thought of getting the man out of the vehicle and saving the girl from the man. I stopped the vehicle at the entrance of Yenimahalle and grabbed it by the arm.

I reported the situation to my cooperative president. The girl got off at Çeltikçi. The gendarmerie took action and took my statement. I also have 2 daughters. I could not remain silent in this situation.

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