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In Beşiktaş, all eyes are turned to the center reinforcement to be made during the break. Coach Sergen Yalçın wants an experienced player who can keep the tall ball ahead and also score a goal.
Mandzukic’s number one favorite, experienced coach Sergen Yalçın has officially announced this. However, the fact that the Croatian striker does not want to reduce the annual salary causes the negotiations to progress slowly.
Mandzukic asks for a guarantee of 2 million euros per year; management, on the other hand, repeated its offer of 1.2 million euro guarantee + 300 thousand euro championship bonus + 20 thousand euro per match and went on hold.
PLAN B BUDIMIR! works on names too. One of the names in the Turkey-Croatia Ante Budimir hitting coach’s eye Sergen Yalcin match. Member REPLACEMENT LEFT Osasuna Reviews 1.90’lık longitudinal quite moving, despite the striker having and striker feature also found 29-year-old striker recently He lost the jersey in Osasuna, which he played on loan.
Beşiktaş administration contacted his manager for Budimir, who is Croat like Mandzukic. If reasonable numbers come out, an agreement will be made with Budimir, who cut Mandzukic from the Croatian National Team.
MANAGER CVJETKOViC CHALLENGES Beşiktaş’s favorite Mandzukic’s manager Ivan Cvjetkovic is messing up. Cvjetkovic said, “My player is training very seriously, as he always does. He works in Zagreb and is 100 percent fit. The right opportunity is waiting for the team that really wanted him. He believes he can win again.
He refused some offers because they really wanted to sign him. Not convinced. 200 percent ready to play in the Premier League, “he is trying to get the Beşiktaş administration to raise his offer.
120 During his career, Budimir played 284 matches while wearing 8 different team uniforms and had a direct impact on 120 goals by making 90 goals, 30 assists.

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