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The brutal murder in Brazil froze the blood of the readers. Pregnant 21-year-old Pamella Ferreira Andrade Martins, living in the town of Macae, fell victim to a terrible incident. The pregnant woman’s belly was split and her baby was stolen.

21-year-old Pamella Ferreira Andrade Martins, living in the Brazilian town of Macae, was killed in a blood-chilling murder.

Martins, 8 months pregnant, was murdered at his home. gone. The belly of the murdered Martins was split.

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stole the baby in her belly

According to media reports in the country, The attacker stole her unborn baby and went missing.

Shortly after, a woman came to the hospital in a very close location to the house where the murder was committed.

‘I gave birth at home’ said and went to the hospital

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A 22-year-old woman, whose name was not shared by the police, asked for help with a newborn baby in her arms, saying that she had just given birth. I dropped

he claimed they fell down the stairs after giving birth at home Suspected female baby.

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dead being taken to the hospital

It was determined that the baby whose mother was killed died long before coming to the hospital.

It turned out that she was not pregnant.

As a result of the tests, it was understood that the woman who claimed that the baby belonged to her did not have a pregnancy. The woman whose murder knives came out of her bag was arrested.

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