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Ziraat Turkey Cup semi-final Fraport Aytemiz TAV Antalyaspor encountered Alanyaspor.

Fraport TAV Antalyaspor took the lead in the 17th minute of the game. Podolski, who met with the ball in the penalty area with the pass of Bünyamin Balcı in the home team attack, which developed from the right wing, brought the leather round goalkeeper Marafona with nets from the right of Marafona after turning around.

36. Ceyhun Gülselam, who rose well in the middle of Tzavellas every minute, headed the ball went auta.

37. In the erroneous pass of Eren Albayrak every minute, Salih Uçan, who met the ball in the appropriate position on the line of the penalty area, remained in the leather round goalkeeper Boffin.

43. In the minute, Antalyaspor approached the second goal. During the incredibly fast-growing attack of the host team, Bünyamin Balcı, who was faced with goalkeeper Marafona in Podolski’s pass, hit the ground, and the ball went auta.

44. In the minutes of Eren Albayrak’s pass, Podolski, who met with the ball in the appropriate position on the line of the penalty area, went auta by the round leather goalpost.

The first half of the match ended with Antalyaspor’s 1-0 lead.

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50. In the middle of Eren Albayrak’s penalty area in the middle of the minute, Nuri Şahin shot the goalkeeper Marafona with a leather circle. The defensive players from Alanyaspor removed the spinning ball.

65. Salih Uçan made the middle of the penalty area in the corner kick that Aytemiz Alanyaspor won in the minute. At the head shot of Tzavellas on the front post, the leather went round from the top.

82. Antalyaspor increased the difference to 2 minutes. In the attack of the home team, Hakan Özmert, who met with the ball at a point outside the penalty area outside the penalty area, met with the nets from the left of the leather round goalkeeper Marafona: 2-0

88. Caulker, who met with the ball in the penalty area in Moubandje’s pass per minute, went round the leather auta.

90. Efkan Bekiroğlu, who got to the ball in the free throw won by Alanyaspor in minutes, hit the ball hard, and goalkeeper Boffin barely got a corner.

Fraport TAV Antalyaspor, who won the match 2-0, reached the final in the cup and became the rival of Beşiktaş.


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