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Football public spoke about Dimitris Pelkas’s canceled goal as much as Fenerbahçe’s defeat the previous evening. The goal that the Greek player met with the side nets over Sehic with an exquisite overclocking was canceled on the grounds that ‘Valencia corrected the ball with his arm before the goal’ as soon as the VAR review did. Manager Selahattin Baki expressed his reaction by saying, “We will follow this. Even one of the commentators did not help the position. I warn the referee community to be more careful”. Most of the referee authorities also said that the goal should count. It was stated that it was an error for the VAR to interfere with such a gray position. The new IFAB rule also states that the goal will not be canceled if a few passes are made following this type of handball, provided that it is ‘accidental’. Had a goal been awarded, the course of the match would have changed. In short, it was a pity for both Pelkas’ generics goal and Fenerbahçe.
Here is the rule:
The new rule that the International Football Association Board (IFAB) sent to the federations at the beginning of the season: When you play an accidental handball, If the ball travels a certain distance (pass or dribble) and / or several passes are made before the goal or goal chances, this is not a handball offense.

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