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The little Bedirhan, who was injured in various parts of his body and stitched, will be treated at the plastic surgery service.

The couple Murat and Emine Öztürk, living in Yeniköy District of Başiskele district, took their son Bedirhan with them and went out to buy bread. Little Bedirhan thought they would go by car. Two stray dogs attacked Bedirhan Öztürk, who was running towards the vehicle. Dogs injured Bedirhan in his face, throat and chest. Bedirhan Öztürk was taken to Gölcük Necati Çelik State Hospital after the first intervention of the medical team, who was sent to the scene upon the notification of his location, and from there he was transferred to Kocaeli University Research and Application Hospital. Wound to the specified sewing will continue in the Plastic Surgery service of disposable Bedirhan treatment.

neglected blew in Kahramanmaras! .. 3 years old! .. investigation was launched! Turkey

WE olmasaydin CHILD they would break into pieces’

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Father Murat Öztürk said, “Yesterday, we went to the market as a family to buy bread. When the child saw the car, he thought we were going somewhere and ran. Suddenly the dog attacked. When we ran, the dog left the child. I saw that the child was covered in blood. . Neighbors called the ambulance by the way. We took the child to the hospital. The dog that jumped to the hospital. If we weren’t there, the child would be torn apart. The stitches were removed. Then the treatment will continue in plastic surgery. There are injuries to his cheek, under his throat and his chest. We had a brutality. They took the dog from here. There are stray dogs constantly in the business center. We saw such events on TV and we lived when it happened to us. If we were not with it, the dogs would break the child. It is not clear what many will do. They should collect it and take it to the shelters. attacked. We went to the hospital. I was very scared, ”he said.

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