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Marcelinho, who started playing football in his team in Campinense in the Brazilian state of Pariaba, where he was born and raised, in 1992, attracted the attention of European clubs with his performance in Sao Paulo, where he transferred in 1997. Marcelinho, who joined the French team Marseille in 2000 and spent a season there, joined Hertha Berlin, where he will spend 5 years after doing it and become one of the club’s unforgettable names.

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The Brazilian player, who signed a contract with Trabzonspor, one of our country’s teams, in the summer of 2006, returned to Germany with the Wolfsburg jersey after playing only half a season in the Super League. After the second Bundesliga period, Marcelinho, who played for Flamengo again in his country Brazil, left football in 2020 when he was 45 years old after playing for many teams.

The 45-year-old currently coaches Treze, one of the Brazilian Serie C teams, where he left football.

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