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Match result: Başakşehir 2-3 Beşiktaş

85 ‘Goal … Başakşehir 2-3 Beşiktaş (Josef de Souza)

76 ‘Goal … Başakşehir 2-2 Beşiktaş (Demba Ba)

69 ‘Goal … Başakşehir 1-2 Beşiktaş (Welinton)

62 ‘At these moments, the game is often paused due to foul whistles and injuries. This time, Nsakala became the name that remained on the ground.

56 ‘On Ghezzal’s long pass, Larin hit the ball from Aboubakar’s front line from the penalty area, the ball returned from the defense.

52 ‘Goal … Başakşehir 1-1 Beşiktaş (Deniz Türüç)

46 ‘The second half started.

Half time result: Başakşehir 0-1 Beşiktaş

42 ‘Goal … Başakşehir 0-1 Beşiktaş (Larin)

Betpas Kayıt

32 ‘In Başakşehir, who attacked with great passes on the right touch line after the ball in defense, Berkay centered it, Aleksic rose in the goal area, but when he could not hit the head he wanted, the ball remained in the goalkeeper Ersin

20 ‘Crivelli, who got the ball in the midline with Giuliano’s pass, swept in from the right wing. Ersin did not allow the goal when Crivelli, who opened his way with great moves, shot in facing position.

6 ‘The poles in Başakşehir are shaking. This time, during the Beşiktaş raid, Rosier centered on the right wing, and Aboubakar hit the ball with his left foot from the back of the penalty arc, which Epureanu wanted to throw away with the head. The ball hitting the bottom of the pole is auta.

4 ‘Başakşehir is very close to the goal. Aleksic, who controlled the ball over the penalty point in the middle of the right wing, hit very hard without waiting, the ball passing Ersin returned to the playing field from the upper pole.

1 ‘The match has started.


Başakşehir: Volkan Babacan, Rafael, Ponck, Epureanu, Hasan Ali Pavement, Mehmet Topal, Berkay, Deniz Türüç, Giuliano, Aleksic, Crivelli

Beşiktaş: Ersin, Rosier, Welinton, Vida, NSakala, Josef, Atiba, Ljajic, Ghezzal, Larin, Aboubakar


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