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The incident took place at 15:30 in front of a bank branch in the Tuzla İçmeler neighborhood. Allegedly, the two people started to argue because of the queue in the ATM queue and in a very short time the verbal discussion turned into a fight. The person who battered the person he was discussing, whose identity could not be determined yet, left the scene. After a short while, the armed attacker, who came to the scene again, shot a bullet with his gun from his waist. While the person, who was the target of the bullets at the scene, was taken to the hospital, the police teams who came to the scene upon the notice made examinations in the environment. The gunman fled from the scene and fled away. As a result of the armed attack, other banks in the vicinity were hit. Police teams started an operation to catch the armed attacker.

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Eyewitness Harun Kaya said, “I was in line in front of the bank, and someone else started to argue with a dark-skinned big brother. Then they started to fight. The big one went forward there. He came back a little later. He pulled a gun at the person he was discussing and fired 6-7 times at his feet. Then he started running. Relatives of the person who was shot came and took him to the hospital and the person who shot him hid in a bank in the future.

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