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The incident in Antalya took place yesterday evening in Baraj District of Kepez district. The people around seeing the movements of an unidentified person in the bush from afar, suspicious of the situation, approached him.

People who came to the area saw that the suspect allegedly raped the dog. The people who recorded the situation with their mobile phones went to the man and intervened in the situation.

He took a stone in his hand and shouted ‘GO HERE’

It was seen in the images that the person who saw the citizens coming towards him collected his wet pants. In the continuation of the images, the suspect, who the citizens said ‘Are you raping the dog?’, Showed the stone he took in his hand and shouted ‘Go away!

Antalya Candost Association President Arife Yanık, who watched the images, reacted to the situation and filed a criminal complaint for the arrest and trial of the person. Saying that those who committed these incidents should be punished now, Yanık said, “Yesterday, again a disgusting incident took place in Antalya. The dog is a 5-6 month old puppy. Images of the person were reported anonymously. We could not continue watching. However, in the images, the face of the dog and the person seems ordinary. It is obvious that he has always done this job. He said, “I can’t find anything to say on this subject.”

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Defending that the Animal Rights Law should be passed as soon as possible, Yanık said, “People are trying to punish themselves because they know that they will not receive a penalty. In such cases, the people who suffered the coup are tried, but the rapists are not. We want the Animal Rights Law to be passed as soon as possible. We have been waiting for this law to be passed for years. According to the Turkish Penal Code, this situation is considered a crime, but in such cases, these persons are not charged and they are released with a fine. I am very sorry. We filed a criminal complaint on the subject, “he said.


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Source: DHA yeni adresi oldu. kısa süre önce değişen adresini kullanabilirsiniz. ancak daha kaliteli bahis için betpas platformunu öneriyoruz.

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