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Aiming to summit in Spor Toto 1st League, Altay defeated Menemenspor 3-0 in the opening match of the 27th week, struggling to get rid of the lower ranks. Ibrahim Öztürk scored Altay’s goals in the 6th and 71st minutes, and Regattin in the 24th minute.

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With this result, Altay, who won the 4th consecutive victory from the two Izmir teams, reached 50 points, while Menemenspor, whose longing for victory rose to 4 weeks, remained at 28 points. Altaylı striker Deniz Kadah, annoyed that she was not included in the game in the last minutes of the match, reacted to coach Osman Özköylü and made her way to the dressing room before the match was over.
In the 6th minute, Altay scored the goal. Meeting with the ball on the right cross in the free kick organization, Erhan filled the penalty area. Ibrahim, who came forward from the defense, sent the leather circle to the net from the far corner with a head hit on the back post: 1-0.
In the 10th minute, the goalkeeper Batuhan did not allow the goal in Erhan’s hard shot, which entered the penalty area with Menemenspor from the left.
Menemenspor came dangerous in the 12th minute. Mohamed, who was advancing from the right wing with the ball he grabbed from the midfield, went out of the top by a small margin when he kicked the penalty bow properly.
In the 21st minute, Rasheed on the back post in the middle of Mohamed from the right, sent the ball auta at close range.
In the 24th minute, Altay increased the difference to 2. Regattin, who entered the penalty area from the left with the pass of Paixao, dodged the goalkeeper Batuhan and shook the opponent’s nets with a hard shot: 2-0.
In the 28th minute, Domgjonas put a foot on the back pole on the ball bouncing from Okan in the middle of Tayfun’s left cross to the penalty area, and turned from the round leather side pole. The first half ended with a 2-0 advantage of the black and white team.
In the 48th minute, in the free kick that Altay won from the left, Regattin cut off the ground, and when Erhan’s arrival in the penalty area, the ball went out slightly from the side.
In the 70th minute, Ziya finished the ball shot by the goalkeeper Batuhan in the middle of the left Regattin’s attack on the Altay attack and Paixao kicked at close range, this time the defense prevented the goal.
In the 71st minute, Ibrahim, who rose well in the corner used by Erhan from the right in the home team, scored his second goal and his team’s third goal: 3-0.
In the 77th minute, in the middle of Ziya from the left, in the empty position on the back post, Paixao sent the ball auta with a bad shot.
In the 85th minute, Paixao hit in the middle of the right of Mossoro, goalkeeper Batuhan gave the ball to the corner at the last minute. Altay left the derby with a 3-0 victory.

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