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The Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Zumrut Selcuk, every year the United Nations in New York, held at Headquarters, Status of Women Committee of the 65th Session of the scope of Women and Democracy Association (KADEM) held that “the pandemic Perspective in Turkey He spoke at the panel on “The New Normals of Women”.

Drawing attention to the impact of the epidemic on women’s lives, Selçuk said that due to the curfews, the family responsibilities of women and their burdens increased significantly.

Last minute warning for 8 provinces from meteorology: Severe storm! Turkey

increased risk of exposure to violence

during the outbreak, Selcuk indicating that the increased risk of exposure to violence, “Everything that crimes against humanity before as strongly yesterday against women, today and we will continue to fight with the zero tolerance principle tomorrow. ” used the expression she.

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the guarantee of women’s rights in Turkey, including in the constitution mainly stressed that its existing regulations in national legislation, in Selcuk, “according to emerging needs, strengths and we have a dynamic legal basis to implement the new regulations. Therefore, national and We continue to work with the principle of zero tolerance to violence against women within the framework of our moral values. ” he spoke.

Terrible event in Adana! Although shot in the head bulundulartürki to

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