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Trabzonspor President Ahmet Ağaoğlu, in his article in the 183th issue of Trabzonspor Magazine, said, “Our country’s football can reach its deserved position and increase its brand value only by establishing an independent and impartial sports judiciary. This is possible by avoiding arbitrary practices in the appointment of board members. Justice, which could not be achieved due to these and similar factors, has now become the number one problem in our country’s football. However, as a result of the application we made to the TBMM Ombudsman Institution about 6 months ago, the Ombudsman establishment is not independent and the board decisions are not justified. He emphasized that he did not act in accordance with the principles of ‘compliance with the laws, transparency, accountability, reasoning of decisions’, and issued a recommendation that the arrangements should be made urgently. ”Saying,” Where there is no justice, there is no fair competition conditions “, Ağaoğlu said. He finished his words as follows: “We; We believe that the boards within the TFF should be independent, impartial and transparent in order for the concept of ‘Fair Play’ – ‘Fair Play’ to be established in Turkish football after the justice process. In this direction, with the awareness and belief that it is beneficial for the football of the country, we made a historical application to FIFA with the support of the Clubs Association in order to ensure that the necessary arrangements are made urgently. I hope that in the near future, we believe that FIFA will make the necessary intervention in order to take steps in line with its criteria.
Of course, this application is not only for Trabzonspor or other clubs, but also to increase the brand value of all stakeholders of football and our football. The country is also a touchstone for the future of our football. Even if we are the pioneers of this, we have to meet this standard with all of our clubs and the football family. We will fight together for our football, our favorite game for our country, and we will achieve it together. “

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