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While the neighborhood was returning to the battlefield in the armed clash between 2 families in Adana, 3 people were injured in various parts of their body in the incident where Special Operations police and armor teams intervened.

The incident was in the central district of Yüreğir in the evening. It occurred in Ulubatlıhasan District. Allegedly, a dispute broke out between the 2 families for an unknown reason. As the debate escalated, the groups opened fire on each other with pistols and shotguns they brought from home, and the neighborhood turned into a war zone. After the conflict, many police, health and Special Operations teams were sent to the region. The medical teams, who came to the scene with the police, took 3 people who were injured from various parts of their body with guns to Adana City and Research Hospital. scene from the Special Operations police and Seyhan district while many police connected to the Police Department, neighborhood took to the blockade.

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On the other hand, crime scene investigation teams armed launches evidence of work taking extensive security measures in the street where there is conflict . Police teams launched a large-scale investigation to catch the person or persons who carried out the attack.

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