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In the last episode of Survivor, which was broadcast on TV8 screens on March 16, the third elimination candidate was determined as Yunus Emre. At the end of the SMS fight between Hanzade, Aleyna and Yunus Emre, Acun Ilıcalı announced that Yunus Emre was the name who said goodbye to the island with the least votes. Yunus Emre’s early farewell shocked the contestants in the council.

The elimination of Yunus Emre, who struggled in the Survivor 2021 Volunteer team, left its mark on social media. Survivor Yunus Emre, who was eliminated, could not hold back his tears. The life of Yunus Emre Karabacak came to the fore in the last part of Survivor.

The Survivor star, who announced that legendary wrestler Reşit Karabacak called Acun Ilıcalı and asked to take his son Yunus Emre to Survivor. .

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Acun Ilıcalı, telling her memories with Reşit Karabacak, did not offend Yunus Emre, who made a request from her. When Yunus Emre wanted his father’s name to be kept alive in Erzurum, Acun Ilıcalı also took action. Ilıcalı said that Reşit Karabacak will start working to keep his name alive in Erzurum.

Stating that he will be in contact with the Erzurum Governorate, Ilıcalı stated that a special night will be held in memory of Yunus Emre’s father Reşit Karabacak.

Survivor Yunus Emre, who has been interested in wrestling like his father for 20 years, gave emotional moments to the audience. Yunus Emre Karabacak’s father, who gifted the races he won to his father, became a curiosity on social media. Here is all the information about Reşit Karabacak …

Who is the father of Survivor Yunus Emre Karabacak, Reşit Karabacak?

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A Turkish wrestler who was born on July 5, 1954 in Erzurum. He started wrestling in 1973 in Izmir. He has first places in the Balkan Games, Mediterranean Games and European Championships and degrees in the World Championship. He was the national team trainer.

He got his first championship with the Balkan championship in freestyle one year after he started wrestling. Then Karabacak, who became the Mediterranean and European champion, left the sport in the future.

Reşit Karabacak, who served as the coach of the Wrestling National Team, was infected with Kovid-19 disease and had a heart attack. The master athlete died on November 19, 2020.

Who is Survivor Yunus Emre Karabacak?

Survivor 2021 competitor Yunus Emre Karabacak Erzurum born. Karabacak, who was born on February 11, 1990, lives in Bursa. who has 20 years of wrestling athletes very successful in Turkey. In addition, he was awarded 3 times in Kırkpınar.

Yunus Emre Karabacak, who studied high school in Atatürk Anatolian High School sports department, graduated from Balıkesir University BESYO coaching department. 2015 universities from Turkey to Karabakh Yunus Emre with a championship, Bursa Osmangazi sport continues to club sports life.

Survivor Yunus Emre’s father, Rashid Karabacak one of the names that contain importance of the Turkish wrestling. Expressing that he has been wrestling for 20 years, Yunus Emre knows with his degrees in the stars and youth category. In addition, Yunus Emre is among the names who have been ranked 3 times in Kırkpınar.

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