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7 suspects living in the house where the stone was reported to have a market value of 525 million dollars were released after their statements were taken.

In the field study carried out by the Muğla Provincial Police Department for Smuggling and Organized Crime; It was found that 7 people carried out illegal excavations in Milas. Police teams carried out an operation yesterday morning to the homes of the suspects who allegedly engaged in illegal excavations. During the house search, 1.5 kilograms of painite stone, known to be more valuable than diamonds, and 2 detectors and 2 unlicensed rifles were seized. The 7 suspects who were taken into custody were released from the courthouse where they were transferred after their procedures at the police station. He launched an investigation against the suspects for opposing the Law No. 2863 on the Protection of Cultural and Natural Property.

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Police officials reported that the market value of the stone seized was $ 525 million.

Painite is a rare borate mineral in Mynmar. Salt formed by the combination of borate, boric acid and an oxide. It can be found in brown, orange and red colors depending on the amount of iron in it.

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