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Gülsüm Yumuk (15), who escaped with her 14-year-old sister S. Yumuk in their home in the town of Sülün on February 19, has not been heard for about 20 days.

Father Bünyamin Yumuk, who wanted his missing daughter to be found as soon as possible, stated that his little daughter was found, but he had not heard from his other daughter for a long time. The father Yumuk, who held his aunt (sister) responsible for his daughter’s escape, said, “My missing daughter has not been found for 20 days, the gendarmerie and the police are still after him. She did not have any problems with the family, my daughter is in critical condition as she is disabled and using heavy medications. I suspect my sister because of the incident. My sister is hiding it in order not to give it to Sevgi Houses affiliated with the Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Policies. I want my children to stay in the dormitory. Her aunt brainwashed my daughter, and when she did this, my daughter left the house. Father Yumuk the financial situation of the girl had given at the Houses of Love because it is bad.

Every detail of brutality! .. they kill, they burn, they broke the hammer bone! Turkey

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