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İzmir representative defeated Bal-Kes, who has not lost for six games, with the goals of Kappel, Mehmet Erdem and Cebrail. Altay, who collected 9 points in the last three matches, continued on his way without any loss for his first two claims.


Spor Toto Competing with the first two goals in the 1st League, Altay continued his debut by beating Balıkesirspor 3-0 on a difficult road yesterday. The Izmir team increased its score to 47 and continued on its way without any loss. In the 15th minute of the match, Kappel, who met the ball with the pass that Erhan Çelenk sent behind the defense, got out of Oğuzhan. The Dutchman sent the leather round to the nets with a sleek shot: 0-1. In the 41st minute of the match, Mehmet Erdem succeeded in bringing the ball to the net from the far corner in the free kick from the right cross to the goal from a long distance: 0-2. Aydeniz Et Balıkesirspor coach Yusuf Şimşek was sent from the playground with a red card because of his objections in 45 + 2.

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In the second half of the match, the home team’s efforts to put pressure to reduce the gap came to nothing. Altay, who made a good defense and was looking for a goal, did not allow Bal-Kes to be a partner. 90 + 2 of the struggle. Meeting with the ball across the penalty area right across the penalty area with Zeki Yıldırım’s overclocking in minutes, Cebrail determined the score with the stylish goal he scored: 0-3. Altay scored three points with 3 goals in Balıkesir away.

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