Nigeria on January 23 in the open exposed to hacker attacks ‘Mozart’ is ship rescued 15 sailors venture with Turkey’s Halil Gülçur, came to Adana from Istanbul through the air at noon the previous day.

Her family living in Tarsus district of Mersin welcomed Gülçür at Adana Airport. Gülçür’s wife Zeynep Gülçür hugged her husband and shed tears. His wife Zeynep wiped the tears of Halil Gülçür, who cried and hugged their little daughter Beste and their son Berke. Zeynep Gülçür thanked President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for the rescue of his wife and said that he received the happy news on his birthday and that he was reunited with him on Valentine’s Day. Halil Gülçür then went to his house in Tarsus district of Mersin with his family. Halil Gülçür explained the difficult process he went through in detail.


15 Turkish sailors kidnapped by pirates rescued


On the day of the incident, Halil Gülçür said that the crew and the crew hid in the assembly section of the ship when they became aware of the raid, and said that the pirates who made the raid had noticed their place within 10 minutes but could not enter because they closed the doors. Expressing that the pirates were trying to open the door for about 7 hours, Gülçür said, “They entered. Those painful moments happened. Then they took us to the boat. They took us to a place similar to the island. We stayed there for 21 days. I would like to thank everyone, especially our President and Minister of Foreign Affairs, who were interested in our situation. I am at home, I am very happy to have my children.


Noting that there were 9 pirates assigned to stand by them when they were taken hostage, Gülçür said that they were lucky as they were not exposed to much violence. Indicating that almost all of the pirates had weapons, Gülçür said, “They never let our family meet for 21 days. After being released, we could hear our family’s voice when we were brought to the Nigerian Embassy. We believed that we were going to be saved, but of course we had some fears with that stress. What are they talking about? ”We were afraid of whether we would be violated. Because we experienced bad things the moment we were abducted. When they reached us, we instantly heard gunshots. Our friend died next to us. May God bless you. There is nothing to say. Thank God I’m at my house. p>

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