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On January 27, President Sancak, who canceled the deal as soon as Ömer Şişmanoğlu made the criticisms directed at him by the fans for his transfer, decided to resign. Sancak, in his post on his social media account, stated that it is not possible for him to remain in office, saying, “Here, I call out to businessmen from Adana; Protect Adana Demirspor. The person I will transfer the authority will rule with determination until the new administration is formed.” Murat Sancak made a written statement today. announced that he was giving up. Stating that the pressure exerted on him was effective in making this decision, Sancak said: “Very valuable Adana Demirspor fans. After I announced that I left the presidency, I spent 4-5 days away from social media and I saw that people can be peaceful. When I was alone with myself, I accounted for 2.5 years. There were times when we felt enthusiastic or sad with the good or the bad. Actually, what was beautiful was our unity as a community. The incident we had recently experienced deeply upset me because the unrest among the fans (albeit a little) was the reaction against me. We were at my mother with my family that day. I said to myself that there is no point in stopping if I cannot please my day and night for this team, although I neglect my job, my friends and my family (I don’t even count money). The interest of Adana Demirspor was my goal, not to play the player I wanted to transfer with double strings. Although I had consulted before we bought it, we came to this situation when the reaction came from the same side. During this time, our fans showed great delicacy and brought the situation to the agenda of the country by opening the #BuHikayeSancaksizOlmaz disease many times over social media. Many of them made a phone call asking me not to go. Dear Governor, Police Chief, Metropolitan and Mayors, they asked me not to let me down by calling Adana’s notables, business people and employees. When I stopped by my mother the evening before I came to Adana, I told me to leave it, but she said it wouldn’t let it down. He said I hope you will be a champion. After coming to Adana and meeting with football players, fan groups, executives and various segments, I decided to continue as the president. At the present time, I once again saw that we are a very large community with our employees, supporters, management, footballers and sympathizers. For this reason, institutionalizing Adana Demirspor, taking firm steps to the future and living on your own feet in the future. In addition, there is no stopping stronger, more conscious and louder in order to end the dreams of those who have ambitions, waiting to benefit from this club. May God be our help and help. ”The post that Murat Sancak announced that he will continue his duty was also shared with the note” Our President Murat Sancak’s announcement “from Adana Demirspor’s social media account.

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