Eskişehirspor news: In Eskişehirspor trying to lift the transfer ban, President Mustafa Akgören made high quality statements to Radyospor. Akgören said the following; “Our negotiations with Trabzonspor continue. We expect positive or negative results within the week. We made a request for the deletion of 320 thousand Euros in return for Mehmet Özcan. Trabzonspor executives are also trying to protect their interests. We want to agree. Fıratcan Üzüm is a player who grew up from our infrastructure. He could not find the chance he wanted in Trabzonspor. He’s our son. If he wants to return to his home, our door is open to him. He can return to his old form in Eskişehirspor. “ We solved 60 files
“We solved 60 of our 74 files in TFF. Everyone who has worked and played in Eskişehirspor before is trying to help our club in some way. We also have 24 files in FIFA. 9 of these files are transfer prohibited files. We are continuing our work with FIFA. In order to open the transfer board, we need to get a total of 98 signatures. There are those who are solved, we have those we expect news. Our work continues. We would like to thank our signatories. We also expect understanding from those who have not signed yet. ” Still we will not give up
“If we open the transfer, we want to reinforce 5-6. We want to stay in the league this year, but we know that we have a lot of work. I think the relegation pot will be 32-33 points. We currently have 4 points. We want to get 29-30 points, but if we fail, we will not give up. We want to return to TFF 1st League as we fell by establishing the next season’s squad. ” There is an exchange rate difference
“Both Trabzonspor and Eskişehirspor are Turkish teams. But debt is over foreign currency. Generally speaking. Local clubs should shop among themselves in Turkish lira, not in foreign currency. When Erkan Zengin transferred from Trabzonspor to Eskişehirspor, the Euro rate was around 3 TL. Today it is 9 liras. There is a difference of 3 times. It’s a terrible situation. One of the highest quality reasons for our clubs’ debt to increase significantly is the increase in exchange rates.

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