Eskişehirspor news
Emphasizing that 100 million TL was needed for the liberation of Eskişehirspor, Aydın Begiter said that the team fell rapidly towards the amateur cluster and used the following statements: “Today’s management has nothing to do. In other words, Mustafa’s and such young children, children from the stands. They are very well-intentioned, but first of all what was their meat? And I can clearly say that no one, including me, can save Eskişehirspor financially. Currently, at least 100 million TL is needed to save Eskişehirspor. Perhaps this number can be resolved to lower figures with a smart policy. Because for years people have not been able to get their money, a deal can be made. In short, Mustafa’s can do nothing, they work hard, but that’s all they can do. Therefore, they cannot save Eskişehirspor. We are already in the 2nd league at the moment. After that, there is the 3rd league. Then there is the amateur cluster. There are also relegation penalties, we can fall down to the amateur cluster at any moment. ” WE WILL MEET THE GOVERNOR AFTER THE NEW YEAR
Stating that he heard that Eskişehir Governor Erol Ayyıldız had projects related to the club, Begiter said, “Dear Governor, take the case”, “There is a solution to this situation, we can get rid of it in two ways. For example, I heard that our new governor Erol Ayyıldız had projects, they had already saved Göztepe. A little bit trained from there, our governor. I also want to meet with our governor after the New Year. If it is possible to pay these debts together with a more intelligent mixed management on Mustafa’s, first of all, our esteemed governor should appoint a trustee. Negotiations can be made with creditors through the trustee. And Eskişehirspor can be saved if money can be obtained with the projects that the governor is said to have in mind. Or another money father should come out. But there are also malicious people who have money in the market, and they should be careful. For example, there are concerns such as someone buying the team, promoting it to the super league and selling Eskişehirspor to Qatar right after, ”he said. WILL THE CONTINUATION OF ESKİŞEHİRSPOR BE ‘ESKİŞEHİR FOOTBALL CLUB’?
Defending that the second liberation prescription was passed from Anadolu University, Aydın Begiter said, “I am sorry to say, we will accept Eskişehirspor fell”. Begiter continued: “That is the current situation. There is a fallen Eskişehirspor. So soon he is in the amateur league. Look, I am saying this with regret, I am one of the 10 founders. This club is my third child. My son was born in 63, my daughter was born in 64, we founded Eskişehirspor in 65. Eskişehirspor is like the child of our family. Even so, even if it’s painful
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