Ziraat Turkey Cup brought to the museum and the league wants to start the 2020-21 season after he finished second in the 2019-20 season Trabzonspor can not do, especially on the rise after Abdullah Avci took office. Burgundy-blues, who could collect 6 points in 8 matches before Hunter, collected 17 points in 8 matches under the direction of Avcı and reduced the point difference with the summit. Burgundy-blues with only one defeat under the hunter rule; While increasing his score to 23, summit calculations were started again in the community. EXPECTATIONS FOR THE INTERMEDIATE TRANSFER PERIOD INCREASED With the victory of Fatih Karagümrük in the 16th week, the expectations of the fans for the intermediate transfer period increased in the burgundy-blues, which were hoping for the summit again. In Trabzonspor, which started to make peak calculations for the Super League, which will last for 40 weeks this season, the idea that it is possible to participate in the championship race with point transfers started to be voiced. In addition, great support is given to coach Abdullah Avcı in the community due to the results and the exit. LOCAL NEWSPAPERS ‘COMMENT TO THE SUMMIT’ After the match against Fatih Karagümrük where Trabzonspor won 2-1 on the road in the 16th week of the Super League, local newspapers commented that “Trabzonspor continues its stubbornness”. Taka Newspaper, “New Year’s storm!”, “Trabzonspor, which overthrew Karagümrük with Nwakaeme and Ekuban, continues its stubbornness to the summit, Günebakış Newspaper,” Trabzon passed through customs “,” Bordeaux-blues overthrew Karagümrük in a tough match, got a visa on the way to the summit ” , Kuzey Ekspres Newspaper, “Welcome 2021”, “Trabzonspor started the new year with 3 points after last year like a nightmare”, Karadeniz Newspaper, “Rush Hour has finished Karagümrük”, “Trabzonspor is the first Super League of 2021. He beat Karagümrük 2-1 on the road in his match, he said ‘hello’ to the new year with 3 points, Sonnokta Newspaper, “Rush Hour has burned Karagümrük”, “Bordeaux-blues defeated Karagümrük by Nwakaeme and Ekuban’s goals 2-1 on the road. and gave the community a new year gift ”.

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