Although Fenerbahçe has a large staff, the technical delegation is troubled when more than one player in the same position suffers from injury or penalty problems. The problem previously experienced in the right-back, stopper, wing and striker arose this time in the goal. Ziraat Turkey Cup match in Karacabey Belediyespor red card saw Altai flourishing, can not be played in the match Gaziantep league this week. The 2nd goalkeeper Harun Tekin, whose cheekbone was broken in the preparatory match played with Karagümrük on November 15, was not at the level to play exactly, so eyes turned to the third goalkeeper Oytun Özdoğan. Now everyone in the yellow and navy blue community is wondering about the answer to the following question: Will Oytun play in Gaziantep or risk and give Harun a chance? & Nbsp; 22-year-old Oytun, 1.98 tall. Oytun’s teachers, who went to the castle after Altay received a red card in the Karacabey match, said for the 22-year-old player, “He is a very talented young man. If given the task, it has the capacity to overcome this responsibility. The biggest advantage is that it is 1.98 meters tall. He also makes the best use of his long stature; He’s very good at side balls. The fact that the match has no audience will make it easier for an inexperienced young man like Oytun. There is also an air of loving and embracing young people throughout the team. His brothers will give him the necessary support. ”& Nbsp; Harun Tekin is risky to play Harun Tekin, who was operated after the unfortunate incident in the Karagümrük encounter, is still considered to be” risky “. The experienced net keeper, whose cheekbone is broken in pieces after he has taken a blow, and whose eye nerves have been damaged by a narrow distance, has been going to training with a special carbon fiber mask for 10 days. Harun, 31, complains that the mask negatively affects his vision, although he does not feel pain in the area where he has a fracture. Despite the disadvantage of the mask, the possibility of the castle being entrusted to Harun Tekin in the Gaziantep FK match is evaluated as 51 percent.

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