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Council of State Council of Administrative Law Divisions overturned the decision of the 8th Chamber of the Council of State, which annulled the MEB regulation that ended the reading of the student oath in schools, and after this decision was made, it was stated that our vow would no longer be read in schools.

A statement regarding the student oath discussed in politics came from the leader of the Future Party, Ahmet Davutoğlu. Davutoğlu used the following expressions in his message shared on his Twitter account:

“While our nation has the National Anthem as its common conscience and word, there is no need for the uniformizing slogans of the single party era.”


Describing the decision of the Council of State as a “bomb with the pin”, MHP President Devlet Bahçeli used the expression “The discomfort of the Council of State Council Administrative Law Divisions to say ‘I am a Turk’ is a disappointing distortion”.

CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu said, “I also want to call to Bahçeli. What sentence is Mr. Erdoğan disturbed by the Oath? Let him come out and explain. If he addresses the Council of State, not Erdoğan, his address is wrong. You are Erdoğan.” You are blaming the Council of State, not about him. ”

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Muharrem İnce, who is continuing to establish a party, showed the reaction, similar to Kılıçdaroğlu, “It is only oriental cunning to criticize the Council of State.

DEVA Party Istanbul Deputy Mustafa Yeneroğlu also supported the decision of the Council of State, and used the following statements in his post on his Twitter account:

“A democratic state cannot impose identity on its citizen. Therefore, in a democratic society, we do not have an Oath. Our oath is the remnant of an authoritarian social order with the conception of a single type of acceptable citizen. In a libertarian, egalitarian and pluralist social order, it cannot be an acceptable citizen of the state.”

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