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After the images were posted on social media, Kocaeli Governor Seddar Yavuz announced that the necessary legal action would be taken.

Young people, who saw the old person taking the stray dog ​​with a rope around his neck in Derince, started following suspiciously. When the person who took the dog to the area of ​​the trees made sexual abuse by hand, the young people reacted and hit him. While the images were shared on social media, citizens reacted. Social media users contacted the Governor of Kocaeli, Seddar Yavuz, and asked for help. Kocaeli Governor Seddar Yavuz shared on his social media account, “The security units have been instructed by me and the necessary legal actions will be carried out immediately.”

The teams launched an investigation into the incident.

They were terrified at the Metrobus stop! they decimated attack! Turkey


Kocaeli images posted on social media, governor of the province was on the explanation on allegations found in the exploitation of an elderly person’s stray dogs. The statement that the suspect was detained was stated as follows:

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“According to the examinations and evaluations made on the images and allegations published on social media; On March 13, at around 19.10, the Körfez District Police Department teams immediately arrived at the scene and started investigations, based on the notification that a person tortured a stray animal in a wooded area in the Yavuz Sultan Selim District of Körfez district. The youth, whose first statements were made at the scene, stated that they reacted to him, thinking that the person tortured the stray dog ​​and had sexual intercourse. In the first statement taken from the person at the scene; He declared that he wanted to give food to the dog and that the issue consisted of misunderstanding. The Nature Conservation Directorate has taken administrative action against the person, and in line with the instructions received from the judicial authorities, the person was detained and judicial proceedings were initiated. “

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