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Turkey’s first and only, which is one of the world’s largest and most demanding race transanatoli Rally Raid was a certain date in 2021. 13 to 21 August 2021 between races will take place in Turkey’s unique geography from each other and from challenging trails Eskisehir starting from, will end in Kars .
Turkey Automobile Sports Federation racers Rally Raid organized with the support of transanatoli expecting great memories from this year in the ancient Anatolian soil. pupil of the Anatolian civilizations Adventure enthusiasts in 2021 Eskisehir to Turkey’s emerald crown to Kars will continue from where it left the excitement and adventure. More than 150 local and foreign athletes are aimed to participate in the race, which will take place between 13-21 August 2021.
TransAnatolia General Coordinator Burak Büyükpınar said, “Last year, more than 100 local and foreign athletes participated in the first international motor sports race we held under pandemic conditions. Pandemic conditions unfortunately still continues, but we both have faced a huge demand from abroad from Turkey racers in both races and we have set our calendar, from August 13-21. 786 racers from 12 countries have participated in TransAnatolia in 10 years so far. in 2021 in Italy, the Netherlands, attended by athletes from countries such as France, Turkey will have the opportunity to introduce the surprising geography of the world, “he said.
There are two separate categories in TransAnatolia Rally Raid: Rally and raid for Motorcycle, 4×4 Cars, SSV, ATV and Trucks. In Rally, racers compete against time, in the Raid category, racers struggle against time, but with navigation.
It is possible to register for TransAnatolia at

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