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Match result: BB Erzurumspor 0-0 Trabzonspor

85 ‘In Trabzonspor contract, Yusuf Sarı took the ball to Bakasetas in front of the penalty area, the ball was auta from the side in the shot of the Greek football player with his left foot.

81 ‘In his BB Erzurumspor attack, Novikovas pulled the ball to his left outside the penalty area, he created a shooting angle for him, the shot hit the defense and went out.

76 ‘In the BB Erzurumspor attack, Buğra hit the ball that Aatif turned into the penalty area from the right, but the ball hit the goalkeeper went out.

71 ‘In Trabzonspor, Flavio bounced off the hard shot from outside the penalty area, but Erzurum goalkeeper Szumski managed to control the ball.

71 ‘Teikeu, who came from the defense that Cenk Ahmet filled the penalty area, hit the head, the ball went auta from the top with a small margin.

66 ‘In the BB Erzurumspor attack, in the middle of Bergdich’s left, Trabzonspor’s Marlon touched the ball.

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38 ‘Bakasetas could not hit the ball shot down by Nwakaeme in Trabzonspor attack, meanwhile the offside flag was raised.

22 ‘In Bakasetas’ free kick, the ball hit the dam. Then in the middle of Marlon’s penalty area, the ball went straight outside.

8 ‘In Trabzonspor attack developing from the right, Ekuban sagged behind the defense, but the cake he sent to the penalty area was not in that area.

4 ‘Emrah Başsan shot a hard shot from the penalty area in the attack on the left, Uğurcan managed to trip the ball.

1 ‘The match has started.


BB Erzurumspor: Szumski, Schwechlen, Teikeu, Bergdich, Butko, Boumal, Osman, Cenk Ahmet, Aatif, Emrah Başsan, El Kabir

Trabzonspor: Uğurcan, Hüseyin, Edgar le, Hosseini, Marlon, A. Finger, Yunus, Bakasetas, Nwakaeme, Ekuban, Djaniny

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