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Zonguldak Police Department Anti-Narcotic Crimes Branch teams started work on the notification that cocaine will be introduced into the country from the port in Kilimli, Zonguldak on August 23, 2020. During the raid on the Chinese-flagged ship that brought coal from Colombia to the county, 31 kilograms of 279 grams of cocaine were seized in the tank, which was mounted later on the outer part of the keel section of the ship.

Chinese citizens who were detained for cocaine with a market value of 60 million TL, ship captain Guangjian Xu, second captain Kaibo Wu, chief engineer Junjie Zhang were arrested. The images, in which the operation moment was reflected on the police camera, included the dismantling of the tank, which was mounted on the keel part of the ship, by welding machine with divers and the cocaine seized. A lawsuit was filed against the 3 detained defendants for ‘importing drugs or stimulants’. Detained defendants Guangjian Xu, Kaibo Wu, Junjie Zhang and their lawyers attended the hearing at the Zonguldak 3rd High Criminal Court.


The public prosecutor requested the acquittal of the defendants as it could not be determined that one of the defendants participated in this work, even though it was thought that this work could not be done without participating in the ship within the scope of all the evidence gathered in his opinion to the court and the way the crime was committed. The captain of the ship, Guangjian Xu, whose testimony was taken with an interpreter after the interview, said that the employees and none of them were involved in this business and said, “Logically, if there was a collaborator, there would be an anxiety or already fled. We have helped until the end. I have not been involved in such things in my life. I want to be free. I believe it will be a fair decision, “he said.

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The second captain Kaibo Wu stated that he does not have a criminal record and said, “It is very difficult to work on the ship. We take the responsibility of our family and relatives because our salary is good. We will be away from home for a few months on one trip. We spend our lives missing our family and our country because of our profession. The processes were already taking a long time. I stayed away from my family because of this only incident. I really want to be able to reunite with my family.

Chief engineer Junjie Zhang demanded his acquittal, stating that he and his colleagues were not guilty.


The court board ruled that the defendants committed the crime of ship captain Guangjian Xu and second captain Kaibo Wu, and sentenced them to 30 years in prison each. Chief engineer Junjie Zhang was acquitted for lack of evidence. Captain Guangjian Xu could not hold back his tears after the translator translated the verdict. Annoyed, Guangjian Xu fainted. The medical teams that were summoned took them to Zonguldak Atatürk State Hospital by ambulance after Guangjian Xu had the first response.

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