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News of Eskişehirspor : In Eskişehirspor, Technical Director Cengiz Seçsev said at the end of the match, “We left behind another tough match inside. We played 3 matches in 10 days. The tiredness in the team and the problems of the children are challenging for us. We have a squad that is not ready to play a match in such a short time. New young people are taking to the field. This is an extra gain for us. For example, I think we won another player today. 17 years old. 2-3 more players are about to come from behind. If we win them too, it will be positive both for the future of Eskişehirspor and for the future of Turkish football. I wish success to Istanbulspor. Good team. No matter how hard we struggle against good teams, it becomes an experience for us. I hope we will reflect this experience on the field in the coming weeks. I am sure we will reflect it, ”he said.

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