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Following the announcement of the 7-day coronavirus current number of cases by the Ministry, quarantine decisions were made successively by the Kastamonu Provincial and District Sanitary Boards, education was suspended in schools.

The Ministry of Health is seen in every 100 thousand people for 7 days according to the provinces. corona virus (Covid-19) current case numbers have been announced. In Kastamonu, where the epidemic increased rapidly, the number of cases seen in 100 thousand people increased from 118.23 to 197.41. Black Sea region began to arrive in successive quarantine decisions in Kastamonu record-breaking with 79.18 rate increase.

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can not be brought under control

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In order to prevent further spread of the epidemic that could not be controlled, the Bük village was quarantined for 10 days in the town of Taşköprü district Kaygınca village in Sökü Mahallesi, after the location of Memberük. Education and training at Nedime Kaya Primary School Nedime Kaya Secondary School and Nedime Kaya Kindergarten were suspended for 5 days in accordance with the decision of the Sanitation Board. In addition, education and training in the middle classes except the 1st and 8th grades in Atatürk Primary School and Atatürk Secondary School in Daday district was suspended until a second statement.

Flash statement from Minister Koca!

In Daday Şehit Ümit Demirci Multi-Program Anatolian High School, education and training in intermediate classes except 12th graders were suspended until a second statement. He asked not to go out into the streets. Stating that the number of cases reached a very high level in Kastamonu with the spread of the mutated virus, the governorship asked to reduce the mobility and to comply with social distance in homes and all closed areas.

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