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The club chairman of Manisa, Mevlüt Aktan, who is the only team that continues undefeated in professional leagues with 23 wins in 28 matches and 5 draws in 2nd League White Group, said that they want to win all the remaining matches in the league and rise to the next league without losing.

23.03.2021, 17:31

Aktan told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they were disappointed when they were defeated by Tuzlaspor in the playoffs last season with a penalty shootout, but they quickly overcame the trauma and started the season stronger.

Stating that they aspire to records in many areas with the statistics they have achieved this season, Aktan said, “We want to complete the league without defeat and break a record. We think that our team and our management deserve it. I hope TFF 1. League will have Manisa’s goals again. We will want to go out. ” He said.

Aktan explained that there is no complacency in the team and that they continue to work assuming that there is no difference of 19 points with their closest followers. Aktan pointed out that they aim to close the season with 98 points in the

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League, “Mathematically. We are not champions yet, but we want to win our remaining matches and declare our championship in 2 weeks. This club made a lot of effort, wanted a lot, invested a lot. It is very difficult to break the record. I hope Manisa will make it happen and we will leave a beautiful anecdote in history. ” Aktan stated that they are planning to participate in the matches next season in Manisa 19 Mayıs Stadium and that they are making attempts to build a modern stadium in Manisa, and that this is not an issue to be resolved in the short term, and for the next season, 19 Mayıs Stadium ‘ “We have received confirmation of this modification in our meetings with our Minister, Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergün said that he will give the necessary support in this regard.” Aktan stated that they will try to train the stadium at the beginning of the season.

Aktan also stated that he believes that the city will give the necessary support to Manisa, “I think the fans will adopt this team. This is not a situation that will occur in the short term from today to tomorrow. We have come a long way between the process we first started and the current situation. A connection with the city is being formed. In the next league, we will have bigger efforts to embrace the fans of the city. ” In 28 competitions in the

league, he saw only 18 goals in his goal and became the head of his team.
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