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The US elections have been completed, Joe Biden has started his duty as the new President… In the time that has passed so far, Biden has drawn the opposite profile. Biden, who stopped, could not give a very good test when he was in front of the cameras. The US leader forgot the name of his minister he appointed, his deputy described Harris as “President”, crashed on the stairs of the plane. US President Joe Biden’s “living” state of health once again brought to the agenda. The process intelligence agencies, according to experts closely follow.

Former ‘Turkey Beauty from Erdogan’s listesindesiyaset

Kamala Harris for “The president said Harris!

Selection The situation of Biden, who had serious problems with ‘forgetfulness’ during the process of forgetfulness and was frequently criticized by his rival Donald Trump, continues to be discussed after the elections. Celebrating his success, Joe Biden described Vice President Kamala Harris as “President Harris” while celebrating the American administration.

“When President Harris and I went on a virtual tour of the vaccination center in Arizona…” Biden began his words. Although it was on the agenda for a short time in the media of the country, this speech was not focused on.

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Biden’s rejection to Putin’s proposal! The world

could not say the name of the Minister of Defense

The situation at the event organized within the scope of 8 March Women’s Day got a little more complicated. Speaking, President Biden could not remember what was called the Pentagon. A similar situation occurred when it came to the Minister of Defense. President Biden said, ‘Well, well … Former general, I keep calling him a general. I, I … We have to make sure that we thank the man at the head of this uniform (Minister of Defense) for everything he has done. ‘ The agenda was on the agenda and these events that happened one after the other brought the question of ‘How is the President’s health?’.

Meanwhile, the tension between the USA and Russia in the last weeks, Biden’s statement of ‘murderer’ against Putin. And the answer from Putin, ‘I wish him good health,’ became quite an agenda. I wonder if Moscow had information about Biden’s health status?

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