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According to the last minute information, the corona virus test of 3 players in Fenerbahçe was positive! Making a statement from his official social media account, Fenerbahçe announced that the corona virus test of 3 players was positive.

24.03.2021, 09:49 Update Date: 24.03.2021, 10:02

Last minute … In the 31st week of the Super League, Beşiktaş and Fenerbahçe faced each other and the fight resulted in a 1-1 equality. Yellow-lacivertliler, after this match, announced that a football player who was not included in the 21-person squad was caught in the coronavirus. According to the last minute statement, the number of cases in Fenerbahçe rose to 4.

According to the statement made by Fenerbahçe’s social media account, 3 more players were positive after the tests on Monday. The number of cases in the yellow-dark blue team was 4, with 1 more players before the derby and 3 more coronavirus immediately after the derby.

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The statement made by Fenerbahçe is as follows:

“Beşiktaş showed symptoms right after the match. After 1 football player who was tested positive for PCR and tested positive for the whole team on Monday, the results of 3 more of our players were positive.
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