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In Fenerbahçe, who drew 1-1 with Beşiktaş in the Super League, coach Erol Bulut made a statement at the end of the match.

Here are the words of Erol Bulut;

It’s been a good match. At least on the screen, the fans watched a good game. He found enough scoring positions. Beşiktaş got a little ball in the first half and found the position. We also have positions. We conceded a goal that we should not eat from the ball standing at the beginning of the 2nd half.

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Then we played printed. We forced the opponent into error. We scored a goal towards the end. Afterwards there were 2-3 net positions. If we evaluated them, we could leave here with a victory. If we evaluated the goal positions, we would win. Sometimes this happens, but we are a little too much

We should concentrate better on the last hits. There are positions we missed. The important thing is to get into the position, we do this. Maybe we are the team with the most positions. We will try to make the most of it.

There are 10 more weeks. This war will continue until the end! We came here to win. We did not come for a tie. My team showed this in the best way in the second half.

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