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Facing Alanyaspor on the road in the 30th week of the Super League, Antalyaspor was defeated from the field with a score of 4-0.

Speaking at the press conference held after the match, FT Antalyaspor Technical Director Ersun Yanal said that they could do better than the game played, but could not achieve results. Yanal said, “For a better result, discipline and loyalty of the game we play were very important. Nothing should affect us except our own game. Outside of the game, we were affected by the issues. The obsession of me and my players, especially due to the attitude of the referee of the match, pulled us quite out of the game. We were supposed to allow this, but unfortunately we did. On the other hand, while we had many positions to respond to our opponent’s hard game and struggle, unfortunately we could not do this because of our mess. A team that has not lost in 15 games, and the team that has lost today. There are such things in football, but in order to repeat something like this again; We will have the necessary conversations with our players. If we share how we won, we will share what we lost and look our way. ”“ We must learn from this match ”

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A journalist Agriculture Alanyaspor of competitors in the Turkey Cup and is also responding to the question of making lateral appreciation, “Our opponent will be the same team but we need to draw lessons from this match. First of all, we should study better at the conclusions of the lesson we learned. I wish success to both teams ”he said.

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