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Increasing his performance day by day with Galatasaray jersey and scoring his first goal since April 2011, Arda Turan accepted the congratulations after the match phase. Fatih Terim said, “He played very well. He scored goals and was very appetizing. A talented and leader Arda Turan emerged,” he said. Albayrak, on the other hand, said, “We have unlimited faith in Arda Turan. Arda is the son of Galatasaray.” On the other hand, Arda Turan’s new goal is the national team. With Caner Erkin’s return to the national team, Galatasaray captain hoped even more, saying “I would love to take part in the European Championship”. The star football player, who received a special program from Terim and trains even on days off, believes that the national team’s coach Şenol Güneş will give him a chance.
9 years later, Arda, who scored a goal with a yellow-red jersey, came after the critical victory stage in Sivas. cried. Speaking to the broadcaster, the star football player said, “I am very happy, a goal that makes sense to me. Galatasaray always has a lot of emotions for me. When it comes to Galatasaray, I feel strange” and he could not hold back his tears.
Radamel Falcao as a career in Galatasaray Arda Turan, who is one of the two people to be written first, did not talk money with the management for once while signing the contract. He said that many players in the team would even sign a blank contract when they received millions of euros. He is currently one of the least winning players of the yellow-red team, but he is in the crown of the fans with his passion for football and the coat of arms …

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