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According to the information obtained, the incident took place in Karslılar District of the central district of Çukurova. Allegedly, Felek Naz Yanku died yesterday as a result of a heart attack. Mother Yanku was buried yesterday in the Karslılar Cemetery. Mehmet Emin Yanku, 22, his son, newly arrived from the military, was depressed because he loved his mother very much. The relatives of the young man who attempted suicide after the death of his mother yesterday gave up. Today, at 10.30, the young man went to his mother’s grave and called his relatives on his mobile phone and said, “I am in my mother’s grave. I can’t stand this pain. He squeezed it on his head with a pistol.

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His relatives, who heard the gunfire, immediately came to the cemetery. Medical teams called to the scene determined that the young man died at the beginning of the grave. The police, on the other hand, started to work by covering the grave with a security strip.

The young person’s mobile phone was also left on his mother’s grave. The relatives who saw Yanku’s death burst into tears.

It was the size of four basketball courts! .. Sold for 62 million dollars! Culture and Art burst into tears.

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