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Cemetery visits were made within the scope of Nevruz Festival, also known as “Feast of the Dead”, which has been traditionally celebrated for years in Tuzluca district, especially in Iğdır.

According to tradition, people go to the cemetery and visit the graves of their deceased relatives on the first Tuesday before Nevruz Festival and read the Quran and pray. Others cry. Destroyed and damaged graves are repaired.

This year, according to tradition, people went to the cemetery and visited the graves of their dead relatives, read the Quran and prayed, and repaired the destroyed graves.

Saying that visits to the tomb continue throughout the day, Hucet Şabahat said, “Nevruz is a spring festival. It is a Turkish holiday of 5 thousand years. As every year, we visit the cemetery, which we define as over the grave, on the eve of Nevruz. We are asking for forgiveness of our deceased by prayers that read Kerim. In doing so, we aim to make our deceased happy and happy.


People who believe in polytheistic religion: Kalashlar


The people of Mexico commemorate the deceased who died at the Day of the Dead Festival, which is celebrated annually on November 1 and 2.

19. At the “Day of the Dead” festival, which is based on the drawings of the Mexican artist Jose Guadalupe Posada, who was born at the end of the century, the graves of the deceased are decorated and lantern processions are held. It is believed that the souls of the children who passed away on November 1, the Saints ‘Day, visited the loved ones, and the next day, the adults who died on All Souls’ Day, visited the survivors.

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According to belief, during these two days, those who come from the land of the dead are served their favorite food and served their favorite drink.


Incredible sight: the Day of the Dead symbol appeared on the volcano

Known to originate from the Aztecs, skeletons on the Day of the Dead symbolize the deceased. True death, according to their beliefs, happens when forgotten, the purpose of the festival is to ensure that the dead are not forgotten. For this purpose, sugar skull trinkets symbolizing the deceased and altars with the smells and ornaments loved by the deceased are made.

Often confused with Halloween because of the symbolic skulls, it is not associated with Halloween as it is not meant to scare.

The skulls, skeleton costumes and figures, which are very prominent in today’s festivals, are inspired by the drawings of the cartoonist and activist José Guadalupe Posada, who lived at the beginning of the 19th century.


‘Day of the Dead’ preparations colored the streets of Mexico

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