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Yilmaz, in a statement to the press members after the match, said, “We had a hundred and two percent penalties. I hope our righteousness will come out when our friends watch their repetition. It was a struggle under difficult conditions, I congratulate all my footballers. We left 3 points here because of the referee, we settled for one point.” he said.

Answering the question about what happened in the field and in the stands in the red card position seen by the goalkeeper Boffin, Yılmaz said, “We are trying to host all the team managers in Antalya as well as we can. All of our footballers were under serious cursing. Why is the red card? It is not possible. We will continue our struggle under these conditions. I do not know the executive friends, it was on our left. But they all swore heavily in a sociable manner. ” he spoke.

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Referring to the fact that Antalyaspor has not been defeated in the league for 12 matches, Yılmaz said, “If we add two cup matches, we have not been defeated for 14 matches. I wish we could return with 3 points but it did not. found the evaluation.

Fenerbahçe Club Board Member Selahattin Baki, on the other hand, said after the match that the military helicopter that took off from Bingöl had martyred soldiers and therefore did not want to talk about football and said, “Unfortunately, we have martyrs, so I do not want to talk about football this evening, forgiveness of all of you. But this does not mean that we will not have an answer to some of the events that happened in the match played by our opponent yesterday and the statements made by some of our opponent’s managers. We will answer when the time comes. Today, there are some events during and after the match. Thanks to the head of our martyred families, let the place of our martyrs heaven. ” he spoke.


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