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Citizens who saw Kemal Tufan and Ali Kabaş flying over Adana Central Mosque and Taşköprü, who took off from the Central Park with a paramotor, reported the situation to the police. Upon the notice, the teams of the Public Security, Security and Anti-Terror Branch Directorate took action. While the teams on the ground announced their landing to Tufan and Kabaş, the police helicopter that took off followed the paramotor. Tufan and Kabaş landed in Merkez Park, where police took security precautions, after throwing sorties in the air for a while.

The nurse, who fell into a coma after vaccination, died. >

The police teams waiting downstairs made a General Information Gathering (GBT) query of Kemal Tufan and Ali Kabaş and checked the permits. Kemal Tufan said that they shot the historical sites of the city due to the Orange Blossom Karanavalı and claimed that they had permits from the governorship. However, in the checks, it was determined that they were flying without permission. Kemal Tufan and Ali Kabaş were taken to the police station for their statements to be taken.

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The research caused confusion! A çıktıtürki face 8 million year old mystery days


On October 27, 2020 the neighboring province of Hatay, Iskenderun one in the county who blew himself up, the other is ineffective in clashes It was determined that 2 terrorists from the PKK were brought from Manbij to the Amanos Mountains by paramotors. After the incident, paramotor and paragliding activities were banned in Hatay.

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