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In the last week in Balıkesir, the number of cases seen in 100 thousand people increased by 11.9 percent to 288.16. HEPP code usage area has been expanded within the scope of the new decisions announced by the Balıkesir Provincial Sanitation Board. Parks were closed and visits to homes were banned.

According to the weekly number of cases map by the provinces between 13-19 March, announced by the Ministry of Health, the number of coronavirus cases seen in every 100 thousand people in Balıkesir is 257.60 with an increase of 11.9 percent. tan increased to 288.16. As the increase continued, additional measures were taken by the Balıkesir Provincial Hygiene Board, which convened under the chairmanship of Balıkesir Governor Hasan Şıldak.

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It was decided to be closed

In line with the decision, the usage area of ​​the HES code was expanded. HES code was required at the entrance and exit of barbershops, hairdressers, beauty centers, intercity bus terminals and grocery stores. Also in the days of the curfew, it was decided to close the store parking lot not to go to the market to the car.

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Maximum 2 people can sit

Among the decisions taken were the closure of playgrounds, areas with children’s playgrounds and children’s playgrounds within the sites by municipalities and site administrations, and a maximum of 2 people sitting on the banks of the beaches and busy streets. While it was decided to control the density of picnic and recreation areas, another important application that attracted attention was the banning of home visits.

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The following statements were included in the decision:

“Not making any home visits within the framework of the notification to be made by the district governorships to the site and apartment managers, and also from the residence of the people with case diagnosis and contact. It was decided to warn the citizens not to go out and not to accept visitors to these residences. ”

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