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Famous presenter and model Tuğba Özay was criticized many times on social media for her sexist posts on her social media account.

This time, Özay, who shared his photo with a wedding dress, put his followers together with what he wrote under it. Some of Tuğba Özay’s followers who commented on this post gave Özay the right, while some did not find his words true.

Özay said the following in her post:

“The best make-up of a woman is a sincere smile! I am not a sexist. I do not distinguish between women, men, children, etc., I look human-oriented, I stand for life and human rights ..! Because people live like a human being.”


But I am both angry and saddened by the peak of violence in our country .. And I even question what is happening to our men! Why do they resort to violence, from the most knowledgeable, the most cultured, the most educated to the men of the lowest culture? Why are they perverse? Why rape, murder, beatings ..?! What did they feed and drink to our men and they got so spoiled ?! Sometimes I think our genes are being played with. I think that economic problems cause sociological problems, sociological problems cause psychological problems .. But women also experience the same problems, guys!

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Women are increasingly masculine and men are becoming more feminine ..! This has nothing to do with gender identity! Characters, roles are changing! Did you know, according to statistics, women are much more resistant to torture! Women are silent, hold on to what they know when men talk much quicker!


Remember that a world without women is like a barren desert! Woman is the one who makes the world beautiful ..! Be the happiness of women, not disaster ..! Girls who are princesses in the father’s house should not be cinderella but queen in the husband’s house ..! And my word to women is that; Girls, prepare yourself for 2023! Get into politics! Be sure that most of those in the Assembly are not more educated and more sensitive than you! There should be more women in politics in 2023! No matter what industry! As long as they try to make the world more livable! The world is a great scene to laugh ..! yeni adresi oldu. kısa süre önce değişen adresini kullanabilirsiniz. ancak daha kaliteli bahis için betpas platformunu öneriyoruz.

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