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The accident occurred at around 11.30 in the district of Bursa-İzmir Highway, Mustafakemalpaşa. The car with 16 TN 796 ​​plate under the direction of Kazım Aydın (79) entered the opposite direction and started to move in the direction of Bursa. Coming from the opposite direction, H.K. 16 ECM under his management collided with 61 plate light commercial vehicles. The car rolled over due to the impact.

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Driver Kazım Aydın lost his life in the car he was stuck in. Ali A. and light commercial vehicle driver H.K. and the unidentified person was seriously injured. The wounded were taken to Mustafakemalpaşa State Hospital and treated. Kazim Aydin’s lifeless body was removed from the car stuck fire crews.

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because of an accident closed to traffic Bursa-Izmir returned to normal following the abolition of the way of road vehicles.

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