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Muş Governor İlker Gündüzöz stated that the investigation and research studies are continuing throughout the city and that the roofs of about 50 houses were flying due to the severe storm. Saying that the number could increase, Gündüzöz said, “AFAD and the teams are trying to detect the damage.” According to our observations, the roofs of 50 houses have flown in the city so far. The storm caused some trees to be uprooted, roofs to fly, and even some containers to fly apart. There are also material damages on some vehicles. In general, our teams continue to investigate in Muş. > Governor Gündüzöz, who asked the citizens to be cautious against adverse weather conditions, said, “Life is normal now, there is no rain. r place rainfall is expected. Even in high places, it is expected in snow with rain. It is beneficial for our citizens to be sensitive and cautious against both wind and heavy rain. Our teams are on the field on a 24-hour basis. Damages occurred so that it would not be too much trouble. Our citizens should be comfortable, they should not let alone the precaution. “
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