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While Beşiktaş started the exit with 9 points it collected in the last 3 weeks, Sergen Yalçın also renewed confidence. Rugged; Başakşehir, F. Garden and Kasımpaşa took a sigh of relief with their victories. The young coach also had a better start than his predecessor Abdullah Avcı. Yalçın collected 1 point more than his colleague despite missing one game. Kartal, who started the last season under the direction of Avcı, was able to collect 18 points in the first 11 weeks. Black and whites got 5 wins in this period; He could not survive 3 defeats. Beşiktaş’s goal difference was only +1.
‘BAY’ WAS PASSED AND RECOVERED The black and white players, who started the league with Trabzonspor victory and then got only 1 point in 3 times, recovered quickly after BAY passed the 5th week of the league. Sergen Yalçın’s students lost 5 wins in the last 6 league games, and lost only once. Sergen Yalçın surpassed his predecessor, Abdullah Avcı, despite playing one game missing in the first 11-week period. While the successful coach collected 19 points in 10 games; Hunter, on the other hand, scored 18 points in the first 11 games. Yalçın’lı Beşiktaş achieved a 20 to 14 advantage in the scored goal. Kartal’s goal average also increased from +1 to +3
WE END THE CIRCUIT BEFORE G.SARAY! Underlining that the Alanya match, which will be played on Sunday, is as valuable as the matches of Başakşehir and F. Garden, Sergen Yalçın said, “G.Saray, F. Garden and Alanya equalized the points. G.Saray does not have a match this week. With three points to be taken, we can finish the first half in front of G.Saray, “he said. Beşiktaş will play with Alanya, Erzurum, Ankaragücü, Sivas, Kayseri, Rize and Hatay, respectively, until the G.Saray derby.
THE COMPETITION GOOD GIRLS Yalçın, who could not find a player to play at 11 just three weeks ago, this time He was surprised who he was going to take to the field because of the fact. Here is the last situation: Ersin’s sentence is over. However, Utku took the castle intact. Vida’s quarantine is over, but it is unlikely to surpass Necip, not Welinton and Montero. N’Sakala has upped her gear, but young Rıdvan Yılmaz works wonders. Josef played Dorukhan because he was injured, but when he returns, he will be in the lion’s mouth. Oğuzhan started to squeeze Mensah from good to deep. Larin’s card penalty is over. But N’Koudou’s form is not bad either.

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